Tokyo 2016 by train

Tokyo train system is very efficient, clean and easy to use. We used daily unlimited rides pass to move around conveniently during our 3-day stay in Tokyo.

These are some of the places we visited: Sensoji Temple, Shinjuku, Tsukiji Market, Imperial Palace, Fuji TV Building, Odaiba, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Station, Nippon Television Tower, Akiba and Shibuya.

Sensoji temple jpg-1350106 jpg-1360250 jpg-1360085 jpg-1350681

Lumix GH4:
Lumix 12-35:
Lumix 35-100:
SLR MAGIC 10mm T2.1:

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Post: Premiere Pro CC 2015, ImuplZ Ultimate LUTs
Music: Mattia Vlad Morleo – Fiore d Inchiostro, Esther Garcia – A Beautiful Day, Draganov Veaceslav Draganov89 – Business,

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